GENIUS LOG & TRADE is a privately own company based in Dakar (Senegal) specializing in freight forwarding and logistics services.

Founded by a qualified logistics specialist with a strong background and experience, gained by working with some well-known multinational freight forwarders established in Europe & overseas for a decade.

Together with west Africans and overseas reliable partners, our office in Dakar, offers a large panel of services in all aspects of transport and logistics from door to door if required.

We provide services such as air freight , sea freight both import/Export customs clearance, consolidation, perishable/pharmaceutical shipment; Dangerous goods; breakbulk, project cargo & more…

As a young dynamic Pan-African operator, being aware of the challenges facing the logistics and freight forwarding industry in West Africa, we are focusing on bringing efficiency and highest level of quality services into logistics management with tailored solutions for each customer.

Genius Log & Trade offers all the benefits developed by a highly motivated team to keep clients and partners competitive in a global market.




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When time is of an essence, air Freight provides the fastest solution for your cargo to be delivered to any destination.

With our world wide network of airlines and airports around the world, we are able to provide you with the fastest solution, we deliver your freight from any airport and to any airports in the world.

Our customised air Freight solutions allows you to transport all your cargo project and oversize freights to any destination around the world.

Our team`s experience along with a wide and reliable network of partners empower us to organise door-to-door deliveries for air transportation of oversized, small freights and urgent packages, as well as perishables and pharmaceutical goods that particularly require urgent and accurate delivery. 

  • Partial and full charter services
  • Global budget consolidation services
  • Import and export door to door services
  • Project clearance & transit (crossing borders) DAP/DDP
  • Dangerous goods, perishables, pharmaceutical goods under dry ice
  • Packing services suitable for air freight shipment

Your valuable goods reach reliably, securely and promptly all worldwide destinations with our personal airfreight service. Depending on your requirements, we ensure that a smooth flow is guaranteed.


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Sea freight shipment is one of the most cost-effective modes of transportation that allows large size and very heavy cargoes to be delivered to the farthest distances. Sea freight costs are the lowest ones, if time is not of an essence.

GENIUS LOG & TRADE offers LCL-Services and FCL solutions all over the world as well as break-bulk, ro-ro services or any other special equipment.

  • Global container shipments (Open Top, Reefer, Flat, High), import & export
  • Import & export customs clearance services
  • Pre-carriage and onward carriage services
  • Marine & cargo insurance services
  • Global logistics services
  • Break-Bulk/Out-of-Gauge shipments
  • Consolidations/de-consolidations Services

Our sea freight services includes prompt delivery, reliable and high-quality service, customs formalities and execution of necessary documentation, warehousing, freight consolidation, storage and processing, technical engineering services and adjustments of dimensions.

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We offer a full range of premium projects handling services. Our office is located in Dakar to handle all coordination and planning for projects in the region and worldwide.

We provide project planning for heavy, oversized, tug and barge, and difficult-to-handle cargoes, which requires detailed and precise execution for shipment.

Our project team will provide a gamut of services that include site and road surveys for feasibility, transport and carrier options from factory to site, loading and stowage assistance. Cargoes will undergo customs clearance and documentation processed quickly as well.

We ensures your cargo is processed right from the start (planning) to the end (delivery) at the quickest time possible. In short, Genius’s project forwarding/handling services are fast, reliable and secure.

We also provide full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) freights, freight transportation with set temperature conditions, Carriage of Dangerous Goods (ADR), as well as escort freights across west Africa.

For the transportation of your goods, we organise all the necessary processing operations including loading and unloading, fastening and package safety control. During trans-loading and freight consolidations, we also offer warehousing services for your freight.


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We provide full import customs clearance solutions and to door deliveries DAP & DDP services are our specialties.

We helping our customers to save time and budget with a fast and cost effective service, customs clearance of import, export and transit freights.

The importation procedures are often complicated in many west African countries that is why our customs brokers will consult you concerning the documents necessary for customs clearance, as well as assist with submittals to the appropriate customs authorities.

In addition to the typical clearance support, we offer our expertise services packs on specific challenges you might face:

  • Classification and validation investigations
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Complex entry preparation
  • Temporary import/export, ATA carnet
  • Bonded transfers and transhipments
  • Re-export or re-import, repair and return clearance
  • Project clearances
  • Clearance of Personnel, un-accompanied baggage and house hold goods

Be sure to consult with our specialists before the freight forwarding begins to avoid any contingent losses.


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Cross Trade Shipment is cargo that is freighted either by air and/or sea from one country to another country but not through your home base where you are currently based. Cross trade Shipping in some cases forms part of a major project where a huge volume of complexity may be involved however broken down to achieve a smooth transition from one point to the other. Cross trade can be part of an element of a much larger logistical move and requires a deep understanding of local procedures and cultures in countries where you are not physically based. Cross trade shipping describes the transportation of goods between two countries outside the country of operation.

GENIUS LOG & TRADE is able to handle complex cross trade shipments across land, sea and air with precision and efficiency thanks to our experienced staff, wide choice of trusted overseas shipping suppliers and locally-based freight professionals. Specialist cross trade cargo movements are assigned to our project management team who work with specific shipping agents selected for their unique cargo handling expertise.